Located on the Bass Highway 143 kilometres southeast of Melbourne, Inverloch has the most outstanding conditions for learning kitesurf in Victoria, Australia. Before kiteboarding on Andersons inlet, please be aware of the following points:

  • Current: The current runs strong in the inlet so make sure you hold onto your board or it will be out of your sight before you know it.
  • Tide: The difference between high and low tide is quite substantial. At low tide the sand bars are exposed which creates extremely favourable flat and shallow water conditions. At high tide the area is full of waist high water and deep cannels. 
  • Wind Directions: South West is the predominate wind direction and is the most preferable as the wind is clean from the ocean. East is also a good wind direction as the wind has time to settle coming down through the inlet.
  • Launch and Landing Areas: The launching and landing area is large at low tide. At high tide space is VERY LIMITED and you need to ensure you only launch or land 30+ metres away from any beach or water users. DO NOT SELF LAUNCH OR LAND where there are other people, obstructions, or hazards.
  • Give Way: Please give way to all other beach and water users.


Inverloch Kitesurf Map Low Tide


Inverloch kitesurf Map High Tide


South: Good (Gusty) On Shore

South West: Excellent (Clean off the ocean) Cross-on Shore

West: Average (Gusty) Cross Shore

North West: Dangerous (Very Gusty) Cross-off Shore

North: Dangerous (Very Gusty) Off Shore

North East: Dangerous (Very Gusty) Cross-off Shore

East: Very Good (Clean) Cross Shore

South East: Good (Gusty) Cross-on Shore


Inverloch Kiteboard Wind Direction Compass
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