Positioned at the southern end of Port Philip Bay on the idyllic Mornington Peninsula, Rosebud is the perfect place to learn kiteboarding in northerly winds. Before kiteboarding at Rosebud, please be aware of the following points:

  • Current: The current here will not effect your riding or ability to body drag for your board.
  • Tide: At low tide the water level is very low in the front section of the kiting area, it is recommend to walk to the deeper water or wait until mid or high tide when you will have a large area of waist high water. Kiting in water lower than knee deep puts you at high risk of an injury.
  • Wind Directions: North to North Westerly is the most preferable as the wind is clean from the bay. North Easterly is also a good wind direction but can be a little gusty due to Arthers Seat. Be aware that when a cold change is forecasted, the wind can change from north (on-shore) to south (off-shore) very quickly.
  • Launch and Landing Areas: The launching and landing area by the waters edge is very narrow and you need to be aware of this. As the north wind passes through the trees and bushes upwind we do not recomment launching on the grass area. DO NOT SELF LAUNCH OR LAND where there are other people, obstructions, or hazards.
  • Give Way: Please give way to all other beach and water users.


Rosebud Mornington Peninsula Kitesurf Location Map


North West: Very Good (Clean off the bay) Cross-off Shore

North: Excellent (Clean of the bay) Cross-on Shore

North East: Good (Gusty) Cross-on Shore

East: Dangerous (Very Gusty) Cross-off Shore

South East: Dangerous (Very Gusty) Cross-off Shore

South: Dangerous (Very Gusty) Cross-off Shore

South West: Dangerous (Very Gusty) Cross-on Shore

West: Good (Gusty) Cross-on Shore


Rosebud Kiteboard Wind Direction Compass
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