St Kilda’s West Beach is one of the most popular kitesurfing beaches in Australia and is Melbourne‚Äôs most central teaching location. Before kiteboarding at St Kilda’s West beach, please be aware of the following points:

  • Current: The current is not strong and should not effect your ability to kitesurf.
  • Tide: The difference between high and low tide is not too substantial and there is always enough water to teach and kiteboard. Low tide results in a reduced water area. High tide offers the best conditions near the shore. 
  • Wind Directions: The predominant wind direction over summer months at St Kilda is SSE to SSW. These southerly winds are preferable as the wind is clean from traveling over Port Phillip Bay and kitesurfers are able to return to the beach. The wind pattern in Melbourne works in a cycle of extended southerly winds which then switches to a short period of hot northerlies and then the wind returns to a southerly direction.  
  • Launching and Landing Areas: West Beach is a wide beach and has plenty of space to launch and land kites at any tide. However, it is advised you launch or land your kite with an assistant close to the water to avoid an accident.
  • Entering and Exiting Areas: It is recommended that you enter and exit the water at the top or bottom of the teaching area.
  • Teaching Area: The teaching area can become busy in peak summer season, so be aware if you enter this area it is likely that you will encounter someone who is learning to kitesurf and may not be in complete control. Many experienced kiteboarding instructors will be in teaching in this area and can assist if there is a problem.
  • Give Way: Please give way to all other beach and water users.


St Kilda Kitesurf Location Map


South: Excellent (Clean off the bay) Cross-on Shore

South West: Good (Gusty) On Shore

West: Average (Gusty) On Shore

North West: Dangerous (Very Gusty) Cross Shore

North: Dangerous (Very Gusty) Cross-off Shore

North East: Dangerous (Very Gusty) Off Shore

East: Dangerous (Very Gusty) Off Shore

South East: Dangerous (Very Gusty) Cross-off Shore


St Kilda Kiteboarding Wind Direction Compass
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